A downloadable Printable Board Game

This Printable board game will have you arguing with your friends and family over who is going to betray you.

You find yourself at Camp Reven everything seems to be normal but one-day a man goes missing. Everyone at the camp searches for the missing person but can’t find him. More people begin to Go missing and you also notice the people around you are finding partners. You witness one couple walk into the woods together, the next day you learn that one of them is missing. You alert the counselors but the string of disappearances continue even after they were kicked out of the camp. Could something be possessing people to find a partner and kill them.  Find the current person who is being possessed currently and save them and their partner.

This is my first try and a board game so any suggestions are welcome also I didn't have any time to play test this so the more information the better. If there seems to be an interest in this game I'll work on it more.

Install instructions

This is a printable Board Game just print out The PDF.


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Rules.pdf 61 kB

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